Get your kid off the couch and onto the tennis court

Go from a beginner to intermediate

There are many high school students who either don't play any sports or don't play a spring sports.  These students would greatly benefit from a spring time activity, increased team building experiance and greater levels of fitness.  Tennis can help achieve all those goals and much more.

I will work one on one, or with small groups, of teenagers who have never touched a racquet before.  This individual attention will accelerate their learning and get them up to speed faster than Andy Rodick's first serve.

Go from intermediate to advanced

One of the most difficult things in tennis is going from good to great.  I have a wealth of experiance working with players who have been playing Tennis for years but have yet to break through the wall required to compete with the best in the area.

I will work to eliminate bad habits, refine form and perfect footwork.  These things will undoubtably improve a good player's skill level but our work will not be complete until we work on the mental side of the game.

I had never played tennis before joining Coach's team.  Before the season I assumed I'd just ride the bench and cheer my teammates on.  Coach helped me improve and win challenge matches and I was in the starting lineup by the end of the year!

Jake McGuire Former plaer

A year before Tom arrived at STA i would watch my son curse, slam his raquet and self destruct.  Within weeks of Tom's arrival, I finally saw the joy return to my son's game; he was finally having fun while playing and not beating himself up.  This was like a weight lifted off his shoulders and allowed him to reach his full potential.

Kerin Ferrin Former player's parent