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4 benefits of playing high school tennis

Wed, Jul 5, '17 / by Coach Tom Carr

benefits of playing high school tennis

If you or your kid are looking for a new spring time activity, you could do a lot worse than playing high school tennis.  In my experience, varsity tennis teams are much less likely to cut players than other sports.  Because of this, many students who either don’t play any sports or are in need of a spring time sport look to tennis to help get them out of the house and exorcizing.  Keep reading for my top 4 benefits of playing high school tennis.


  1. Tennis players perform better in school

    In 2013, The United States Tennis Association (USTA), conducted an extensive research project regarding the benefits of playing youth tennis.  They found that “tennis players spent more time doing homework, and were more likely to report receiving “A” grades.  A full 48% of students in the report have an “A” average and 81% say they will attend college.”  These educational advantages “occurred across all socioeconomic levels.”  Are you struggling motivating your teenager to get his grades up?  Well you better get him on a tennis court asap.

  2. Tennis can improve performance in other sports

    If you teenager plays a sport in the fall or winter but is looking for something in the spring, he could do a lot worse than tennis.  Tennis helps improve hand eye coordination, endurance and flexibility.  These are skills that can be fostered through tennis translate to other sports.

  3. High School Tennis helps teenagers develop social skills

     Throughout the course of the season there are countless opportunities for the team to build comradery and friendships that can last a lifetime.  Tennis is often thought of as an individual sport, and in many instances, this is true, but when our kids play on their high school team, they are part of something bigger than themselves.  Each individual is a small part of a larger machine that is working towards a common goal.  This, along with playing doubles with a partner, helps these players develop teamwork skills.  Research has also shown that playing sports helps to “instill a sense of responsibility.”

  4. Mental toughness

    This may be my favorite benefit of playing high school tennis.  As I mentioned before, tennis is often thought of as an individual sport.  There are few things I have found more difficult than standing alone on a court during a singles match and maintaining an appropriate headspace to win while also worrying about the physical challenges of the sport.  Because, especially during singles, there is no one else out there to pick up the slack, tennis demands mental toughness.



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Coach Tom Carr

Written by Coach Tom Carr